Kangas from the Lost Sample Book

Part of COTTON: Global Threads, Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester 2012 Invented texts that evoke a sense of impending danger coupled with our dogged desire to survive. Lubaina Himid is a painter whose recent work has centred on effective ways for artists to

Moments That Matter

Harris Museum and Art Gallery Preston (2012) Moments that Matter : Trophy Cups is a collaboration between WE PLAY EXPO, Harris Museum & Art Gallery and artists Lubaina Himid, Rebecca Chesney, Susan Walsh and Denise Swanson. On the 25th October 2012 at


Tate Britain, London 2012 Journeys Into British Art – Tate Britain 2012 This exhibition explores British art through the theme of migration from 1500 to the present day, reflecting the remit of Tate Britain Collection displays. From the sixteenth- and


Rochdale Art Gallery and South Bank Centre, London 1992,  Tate Britain 2012    Revenge – A masque in five tableaux Revenge is a new series of work, taking its place at the forefront of the art of the 1990’s, representing